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Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy

Special Section on Cyber Physical Power Systems (CPPS)

With the deep and pervasive application of information and communication technologies, power grid has become one of the vital Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). However, the traditional analysis or control methods for power grid mainly focus on the physical power system, and treat the cyber and physical systems separately. To fully understand the interdependence and interplay of the cyber and physical systems, CPS should be studied as an integrated system. By studying the CPS, the mutual dependence of cyber and physical parts can be revealed, the risk due to the cyber-physical interaction can be reduced, and the methods for promoting the overall system efficiency can be derived. 

The special section is dedicated to reflect the latest progress and key technologies in Cyber Physical Power Systems (CPPS), focusing on their modeling, operation, analysis, control and simulation.

The topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Mechanisms of cyber physical interaction in CPPS

  • Cyber and physical integration modeling of CPPS

  • Reliability, security and risk analysis of CPPS

  • Static analysis and dynamic analysis of CPPS

  • Control methods and strategies of CPPS

  • Cyber security analysis of CPPS

  • Testbed, simulation and verification models, methods and tools for CPPS

  • New equipment design, practices and demonstration projects of CPPS

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